personal use:
$35 (USD) per small chibi
commercial use:
$70 (USD) per small chibi

(please click on the images to see the full sizes)

there is no limit to how many you can order✔️: oc's, vtubers, game characters, rl people, pets/animals, males, light mech/armour, anthro and fanart
❌: 18+, couples, elderly, heavy mech/armour, ornate, character designing


if it is clear that you have not read or don't agree with these terms:
your commission will be cancelled and refunded
(if applicable)
and you may be blacklisted

i will not be responsible for any inconvenience that may occur if you choose not to read the TOS
by commissioning me you are, by default, agreeing to my terms
so it is important you read them!

i have full rights to the art
but you can purchase the commercial rights, to then use it as you please

i require full payment upfront
i will not start your commission until the payment has been made

please only commission me if you are serious about going through with it!

no refunds!
if you are choosing to commission me please ensure you are 1OO% ready to!

however, a full refund will be given if i am unable to complete your commission
if this is ever the case- i will message you and explain the situation, asking for your preferred refund address

personal use:
sns icons, headers, description boxes, schedules, galleries
general display

commercial use:
in streams, alerts, online/offline screens, youtube videos, merchandise
general monetised promotion

i cannot give accurate ETAs, as my schedule is always changing, but i do aim to complete art in about ~6 months

please choose NOT to commission me

however i do accept deadlines, please let me know when you order
the deadline must be set at least 1 week ahead
ie. if you commission me on the 1st, the minimum date it can be completed is the 8th, etc.

under NO circumstances commission me if you are not patient, don't have faith/trust that i will complete your commission, etc.
i have been doing commissions for 10 years now

message me if you have queries about your commission; but please do not assume that i am not going to complete it, be rude, etc.

i am slow, and i have outlined that i take a long time to finish commissions
i am not responsible for any inconvenience you may cause yourself

please do not constantly ask me when your commission will be finished!
asking for updates is fine, but please make sure the time between asking is respectable

you are free to contact me about changes/additions to your commission, but if i have started, i might not be able to apply these changes depending on what they are
(i will let you know)

if you would like a sketch WIP, please ask for one when ordering!

the size of the art you receive is the original size!
my chibis are SMALL, the canvas size at the absolute minimum being 300x500
of course, depending on your character's design, the canvas will be bigger by default

all finished commissions have a transparent background

once you have received your art, you are free to post/use it where you like

but please do not:
edit the art
if you require changes please contact me about it; i will only do minor changes though
claim the art as yours
please credit me where necessary
use the art commercially ie. to make money
this is against my TOS unless you commission me commercially or purchase the rights for your commission

payments are made via paypal invoice & paypal goods and services
(this is only if invoices are not working)

please send payment within 24 hours
failure to do so or failure to organise a reasonable date of payment with me will result in your commission being cancelled and your slot being freed for someone else

thank-you for reading
please feel free to message me about any other queries


character refs/info:
commercial use: (yes/no)
paypal email:


please send your commission form to me via twitter dm